We strive to provide you with the highest level of customer service and hair quality services. Our goal is to provide a wide range of services and quality products, all in an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. At Salon 809 – A Dominican Hair Salon, you will find a friendly, family oriented environment, with a professional staff who are focused on personal service and meeting the unique needs of our diverse clientele.
Our Mission is to provide authentic Dominican hair styling services and high-quality beauty products that enhance our clients’ physical appearance, self-image, and sense of wellbeing. Our motto is “customer service starts here!”

1. The price is right: Getting your hair done generally costs more than most of us would ideally like to spend. But you can count on reasonable price points and stellar results when you visit Salon 809. You can get a wash, trim, deep conditioner, and blowout for $35 on most days. Sometimes we even offer $25 for a wash and set on days we run specials!


2. The results are amazing: There is no blowout like a Dominican blowout. If you’re looking for high-gloss, feathery, silky, Gone With The Wind-fabulous tresses, you’ve come to the right place. Armed with nary but a blow dryer and round brush, our stylists brush and blow each section of your hair until it achieves optimal fluffy goodness. Before blow drying, we’ll apply a good amount of heat protectant to your tresses first. We’ll give you sexy hair that you can make work for any occasion.


3. Great, last-minute service: A lot of other salons don’t accept walk-ins, but at Salon 809 we are really good about taking customers at a moment’s notice. Come in and give us try!


4. We can work with any texture hair: The Dominican Republic is a racially diverse island with a wide range of hair textures represented. So whether you’ve got wavy locks or type 4c coils, if you’re looking to get your hair straight—we can do it. We work very hard, especially with curly hair to straighten it out.


Services Overview
Cuts and Styles
Color Treatments
Moisture and Repair
For the most part you can expect fast service and incredible results when you coming for your blowout.