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Hair Styles Questions

We do, a Silk press is similar to our wash and set or blowout

For the Wash/Set rollers are used to dry your hair and you get under the dryer, then your hair gets a little blowout and its style to your liking With the Blowout the customer doesn’t get under the dryer, the hair is washed then blow dry and styled to the customer liking.

Wash, blow-dry and flat iron.

Every time you wash your hair.

Yes, but we have the blow-dry for braids and that does not.

Some clients have hair textures very tight curls and the hair ends revert to curly too fast to be able to roll. We want and recommend everyone who can to get rollers.

I don’t want rollers – I want a direct blowout!!

Its best for the hair to dry with rollers than dry with a blow dryer while wet. Hair is more susceptible to heat damage and to breakage when its wet.

No, those services have an additional cost.

You just simply wrap your hair at night or pin curl it but be sure to use a tubi cap (which we sell) or a scarf to sleep at night.

We do service kids 6 years and older. We do not offer kids prices.

Can I bring my own styling products and tools (flat iron/blow dryer)

You are welcome to bring shampoo and conditioners but no tools or chemicals.

Yes, we can service your wig the same day or 24 hours after drop off.

We need at least 48 hours – in some instances we can accommodate the next day.

We have a braider who works independently, we offer tape-ins and style wigs.

We don’t have a barber, but we do braids, wash, and blow-dry men’s hair.

We have a variety of deep conditions, We have oil shots as a booster to deep conditioners, homemade organic deep conditioner, protein drops, etc. – The steamer is always a great option.

Clip-in extensions, tape in extensions, bulk hair, Color hair and regular bundles

They can if they are always attended.

We have small albums with our work, but social media is the best way to check it out.

Dominican Hair Salons have gotten this reputation from haters, and missed informed clients. Maybe unprofessional, unethical Dominican stylist or salon owners who may have done this in the past, but to our knowledge there is no one we know who practice this.

We charge based on length and density it doesn’t make sense for us to do something like that. We do not do relaxers for free or without it being requested by the client.  We are a very professional and ethical salon. We care about our reputation and our client’s healthy hair. We will never do this. But keep in mind that heat can change the curl pattern at times even if we do everything in our power to minimize the heat, but some hairs are more susceptible to heat than others. If you have this concern, I am sorry, but I would rather for you to not put any heat to your hair.


A direct blowout requires more time to do and more work.

Our prices vary, but they are always posted and up to date at our front desk so you can always verify prior to being service.

Simple, the longer your hair the longer it takes to style, wash and detangle. The more product it takes, and the longer it takes to dry.

We pride ourselves in offering you the best products, trained staff to provide quality service, great ambiance, drinks, superb customer service a very clean and chic/luxurious establishment. But be honest.. We are not the highest in the area. Plus, we often offer specials.

Normal tangle hair we don’t charge. When the client hair is so tangled and matte it requires a lot more time on the shampoo bowl as well as way more products.

We accept all forms of payment except checks.

We do not as kids often require way more attention and sometimes staff members to hold their head and the hair process is the same as an adult.

No, the hair wash is included in the services we provide. We do not guarantee the hair style if you wish to not get your hair washed by us since we are not sure what products are in your hair and cannot guarantee the outcome.

No, but we do offer combos that includes, trim and deep conditioners.

We charge for the work it takes not really for the pins.

You can but if you wish to get under the dryer, we charge an $8 fee.


Redken and Alterego, Fanola, and Color rinses from DR

Mixani, Alterego, Affrim – We are trying to stay away from it and we advise our clients against it