Organic Bar

We at Salon 809 –Have pledged — to meet all necessary needs and requirements to work towards perfecting the most ideal and naturally healthy hair one could imagine.

The Natural ingredients used in the Organic Bar at Salon 809 has been professionally found to be beneficial to all types of hair and skin. We truly believe that natural products for the hair works wonder. We have developed many recipes using it and testing it among the staff.

The Organic Bar was not part of the salon originally, but it came about as we, owner and staff, would make homemade conditioners for ourselves that really worked. We mixed a variety of ingredients for different needs and saw that they worked. We started to offer it to our clients off and on when we had left overs. Then the idea of having an organic bar at the salon came to life.


Some of the ingredients we used to make the homemade organic conditioners and shampoos are listed below along with their benefits:

Aloe Vera-Dissolve Dead Skin Cells     -Excellent Moisturizer  -Promote Hair Growth   -Reduces Dandruff
Alum-Increase Strength of New Hair Growth.
Amla Powder-Optimizes nourishment to your follicles and increases hair growth
Bananas-Bananas are great for your hair and scalp. They improve manageability and shine, prevent and control dandruff, and moisturize your scalp
Beer-Creates More Volume -Provides Shine to Hair -Replenish Moisture

-Repairs Damaged Hair

CarrotsContains Lots of  Vitamin A -Promote hair growth -Strengthen hair strands
Cayenne Pepper-Regenerates Rapid Hair Growth
Cinnamon-Stimulate hair growth -stimulates the scalp by improving circulation
Eggs Yolks-Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

-Minimizes Hair Loss and Shedding; Strengthen Hair Strands.

Garlic-Prevent Hair Loss -Promote Stronger and Healthier Strands
Ginger Root-Promotes Healthy Hair Growth -Strengthen hair strands

-Excellent Moisturizer; Helps to get Rid of Dandruff

Hibiscus-Rapid Hair Growth Hibiscus helps for hair growth, hair loss and hair regrowth

-Treats Dandruff

Honey-Helps to Retain and Draw Water to Keep the Scalp and Hair Strands Moisturized
Horsetail-Promoting Hair Growth and a Healthy Scalp

-Helps to Repair Damage Hair

Mango Butter-Prevent Damage -Provides Moisture for Damaged Hair
Mayonnaise-Strengthen hair strands  -Helps grow hair long -Provides Shine to hair
Onions Very Similar to Garlic -Prevent Hair Loss -Promote Hair Growth
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar


-Helps to Balance pH levels which plays an Important Role in Growing Healthy Hair

-Reduces Dandruff

Shea Butter-Strengthen Hair Strands  -Provides Moisture  -Provides Protection Against Sun
YogurtContains Biotin(B7) – Maintaining Healthy Scalp  – Grows Healthy Hair


These oil injections are the perfect and most effective way to provide benefit your hair and scalp.

How does it work? You can choose from a menu of different oils or have your stylist choose for you based on your hair need, we then add the oil injections into your deep conditioner to give your hair that extra boost your hair needs.