Rejuvenate Yourself with a Day of Beauty

From the moment you walk through our doors your daily stress begins to melt away. We focus on client satisfaction. We offer a variety of services performed only by skilled and highly trained professionals.

Each experience begins with a thorough consultation followed by a stress relieving shampoo, roller set, perfect cut and style.

  • Blowouts, also known as Wash and Sets
  • Color Service
  • Cuts and Styles
  • Hair Extensions install, Micro-links, Brazilian knots and sew-ins
  • Moisture and Repair Treatments
  • Organic Treatments
  • Texturizing Services
  • Waxing

Experience a subtle change or a complete transformation.  We only use the best hair color line. We specialize in Redken hair color. We utilize Olaplex to maintain healthy hair and repair the broken bonds.

  • Touchup – Single-process color application applied to the new growth root area.
  • Full Color – Color is applied to the hair from the roots to the ends for color richness, continuity and blending.
  • Partial Highlighting – Highlights, Lowlights or a combination of the two are applied from the top of the head forward adding beautiful, dimensional color.
  • Full Highlighting – Highlights, Lowlights or a combination of the two are applied to the entire head of hair. This service offers uniform, all over hair color.
  • Ombre Color – Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.
  • Corrections – Varies based on individual needs and severity of damage.

Hair Treatments

Beautiful Flawless Hair Doesn’t Happen by Chance

  • Moisture Treatment – We offer a variety of hair conditioners, organic homemade conditioners and oils that will help you achieve luscious and beautiful hair.
  • Repair – If you have dry or damaged hair, honey, we can help! Honey is a natural humectant, honey attracts moisture. It’s also full of antioxidants and nutrients to feed hair follicles that house the live part of hair, encouraging hair growth. We use raw honey in most of our organic homemade deep conditioners. We offer the Olaplex stand-alone treatment to rebuilt broken bonds.
  • Hydrotherapy – for hair is recommended by health experts owing to its ability to increase blood circulation in the scalp and improve the health of hair. The therapy helps in cleansing the scalp and draining out dead skin cells. The treatment adds moisture to the hair and helps prevent breakage.

Hair Extensions

We specialize in healthy Hair Extensions.  We install sew ins, micro-links extensions, Brazilian Knots extensions. We offer a variety of hair extensions by Jei from Burmese, Brazil, Cambodia, India, and Vietnam.

  • Microlink– Micro Link (micro ring, micro bead) Hair Extensions are the smallest and most undetectable non-glue hair extensions technique available, which combines the strands of natural hair with the extension strand using tiny metal tubes. These can be installed with weft hair extensions or with I-tip. There is no glue, no braids and no tension to the hair.
  • Brazilian knots – individual strand by strand extensions done by attaching loose/bulk hair to client hair with an elastic thread. It last 3-5 months with proper care. There is no glue, no braids and no tension to the hair. This is the healthiest form of extension.

At Salon 809 you will find that we focus on having beautiful healthy hair.

Salon 809 Price List

Basic Services

Wash and Set (Blowout with Rollers)
Blowout with No Rollers
Wash and Set (Weave)
Wash Only
Pin Curls or Hair Wrap

Deep Conditioners

Hot Oil Treatment (Bomba)
Choose Oil Shot to be added to Deep Conditioner
Organic Deep Conditioners
Hair Steamer with Deep Conditioner
Steamer Hydrotherapy
Vitamin E Conditioner
5 in One or Olaplex Conditioner
Argan Oil, alterego, Protein drops, etc.


Relaxer - (Style included)

Relaxer - touch up *(Sensitive add $20)
Relaxer - Full *(Sensitive add $30)
Relaxer/Rinse/Trim Combo
Keratin Treatment

Color - (Style included)

Cellophane (Rinse)
Permanent Color (full) (add $20 for Olaplex Insurance)
Permanent Color (touch up)
Partial Highlights
Partial Highlights (with base color)
Full Highlights
Full Highlights (with base color)
Ombre Color

Hair Cut

Hair Cut


Weave Removal
Eyebrow Wax
Microblading - Ombre Brows - Browsbyjei
Microlink Extensions
Brazilian Knots Extensions

Please Note: This is a general list of services. Actual prices may vary depending on hair length and density. Be sure to verify the price with the salon manager before you are served.